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  • Why Buy Trading Cards From Us?
    Large card distrubutors store their cards in large warehouses that constantly fluctuate in temperature, this results in warped cards! at we take pride in storing all our stock constantly at room temperature (roughly 20oc to 25oc ) this stops foil cards from bending due to no rapid change in temperature. We also take care […]
  • Boltund V Box Coming in April, Includes Extra Wooloo Card
    Pokémon TCG: Boltund V Box Boltund V Box is a new product coming in April 22, 2022. This will include 4 different booster packs and an exclusive Wooloo card (foil). Charge Toward Victory—with Boltund V! By channeling electricity into its legs, Boltund V can run nonstop for three full days! Using versatile moves, this quick […]
  • The First Yu-Gi-Oh! Core Booster of 2022, Battle Of Chaos
    This February, get ready for BATTLE OF CHAOS! This 100-card set features new cards that work with Yugi Muto’s Dark Magician. There is plenty of exciting stuff coming your way including: The adorable Magikuriboh, as seen on the Kuriboh Kollection of accessory items! New cards for themes introduced in Burst of Destiny, including an ocean of new […] Sells Pokemon Cards, Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, Digimon Cards, Dragonball cards and accessories